Cute Deer Oil Diffuser/Humidifier

Cute Deer Oil Diffuser/Humidifier

Portable Mini Humidifier, Small Mist Atomizer USB Air Humidifier For Home Office

☆Quick humidification, moisturizing, fine and silent, nourishing one day of fatigue, put away all stress, and enjoy a good leisure time
☆Two spray modes with 320ML capacity, press the button to adjust the amount of mist, one-key switch between continuous spray and intermittent spray

☆Quiet humidification is quiet and does not disturb, no matter when you are working or at rest, running with noise floor gives you more intimate care, moisturize the non-wet desktop at any time, let the skin refresh and moisturize, and stay away from drynessatwork

☆Moisturize your travel companion in the car, purify the contaminated air in the enclosed space of the car, humidify with a large amount of fog quickly into the air, will not condense water droplets, and will not affect   humidification


  •  3 In 1 Humidifier, USB Fan, LED Light
  •  Cute Novelty Deer Design, Continuous Mode and Intermittent Mist
  •  Rich fog with ultra-realistic design


  •  Material: ABS + PP + Silicone
  •  Water tank: 320 ML
  •  Size: 135 X 100 X85mm
  •  Color: white / pink
  •  Power: 1.5-2 W
  •  Voltage: DC5V

 Connect ways:

  •  1. Phone charger
  •  2. External battery
  •  3. USB port for laptop

Package with:

  •  1X Humidifier

How to Operate

  •  "Mist": short press switch once the humidifier starts in continuous fog mode, short pressure switch restarts in intermittent fog mode, short third time turns off the mist.
  •  "Light": long press the switch and hold it in 2 to 3 seconds, turn on the light, long press and hold the switch again turns off the light